I am convinced that most Lean Transformations fail due to “a gap” in Leadership, whether it’s the front line supervisor, executive, or anywhere in between. Dianne Crampton has done a wonderful job in boiling down the leadership principles and behaviors needed to close this gap and solve this problem with “Becoming TIGERS– Leading Your Team to Success”, a quick, helpful read for any current or future leader.  

- Michael Hoseus Former Supervisor

Manager and Executive for Toyota Motor Mfg USA and Co Author of Shingo Award Winning book, Toyota Culture, The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way

“Wonderful book! Right from the start, I knew this book was transformational.

As a storyteller myself, I value Dianne’s ability and innovative approach to building an authentic team-based work culture. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is tired of the dry management and leadership how-to books out there today. A good story containing great illustrations from life to inspire business owners and managers.

As an attorney, I have litigated many employment law cases and have found that many good intentioned leaders forget the core leadership principals that are prerequisite to being an effective leader. Dianne reinforces the core leadership principles by taking us through is a story that begins with deep, personal exploration, leads to authentic personal growth along the way, and in the end, is all about being of service to others.”

- Sejal Thakkar

Lawyer, Trainer, Legal Training Ninja, San Francisco, CA

It was my pleasure to read “Becoming TIGERS – Leading Your Team to Success” by Dianne Crampton. Initially I was unsure what to expect as Dianne is a world-class trainer and consultant, and I had not yet read any of her books. Let me begin by saying, I TOTALLY recommend this book for any professional, any parent, and current-or-future-leader, or anyone wishing to enhance their effectiveness as a leader and human being.  

The characters in this story – Derek Alexander, his daughter Raven, and his wife, Martha, provide inspiration and guidance as Derek and Martha work with their daughter on a school assignment. Martha is an important support system, coach, and confidante to Derek. Derek is inspired to follow the examples and learn from the mistakes of the main character, Kali – a frustrated ruler and bully-tyrant towards all for whom he rules and works. This inspirational parable cleverly provides subtle insights into human interaction and group dynamics told through the experiences of two tigers (Kali, Ashoka, and a variety of animals with unique skills and talents).  

I encourage any and all to read this wonderful story and learn from its valuable lessons. I look forward to using this in my training and consulting work as I build future leaders in the U.S. and abroad. 

- Skip Pettit

President of International Training Consortium and CLO Thought Leadership

First of all, I loved the book.  Yes, the book applies to business owners but more importantly to my skills as a parent! After all, a family is very much like a team. I related it to good parenting.  Interdependence resonated with me the most.  I realized that I have a hard time allowing my kids to “be themselves” and figure things out on how to do things on their own and in their own way.  

I like to hover and direct the “right way” to do things. I loved the Tiger Lord story, but was most drawn to Derek and how he was relating the story back into his own life. The T-graph charts Crampton added are excellent tools for readers to relate back into their own life. When I paused from the book, it kept me thinking…This book certainly is a keeper and something to reread for a lifetime. 

- Anna Puchany

Business Owner Head to Heel Massage Therapy

This is a wonderful book that combines the emotional charm-based learning of an allegory with the substantial content of evidence-based guidance. I continuously noticed my ability to relate the story and its lessons to my own personal and professional experiences. And, despite all the advanced degrees and consulting experience I have, when I set the book down I had created a list of specific actions that I wanted to take to improve my team leadership within the coming weeks. Who among us behaves perfectly in these situations and can’t improve with learning (or a reminder of) these fundamental principles?  

I find that reading this story has opened my mind and my heart to much more that I can do to strengthen the people-side of my work. It will be a special gift to everyone fortunate enough to read and learn from it.  

- Dr. James Pepitone

Co-founder and Director of Technology Transfer for the Humaneering Technology Initiative and HCM 4.0 Innovator

Becoming TIGERS”, by Dianne Crampton is a must-read book for any leader of people to ensure engagement, workplace happiness, AND results. This short but powerful story does what true storytelling is meant to do.  It invites me to become a part of someone else’s story to create reflection upon my own.  With numerous examples, the reader will recall being on one side or the other of each of the trials: Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk, and Success.

In my work consulting on effectiveness and efficiency for organizations, I have found that team engagement and productivity are of utmost importance and directly tied to profitability.  This book provides the lesson in an easy and enjoyable manner that is sure to inspire action.

- Megan Fries

Organizational Strategist and Founder of Frenzy to Freedom

“Becoming TIGERS – Leading Your Team to Success” by Dianne Crampton approaches the issue of successful teams, with humor and seriousness, in her story within a story latest book. The result is an easy to follow, highly relatable, successful discourse for teams of any size, culture and direction, be they for non-profit or business. The tools Crampton provides helps teams of all types and is quite needed in today’s corporate environs where communication is at a standstill most of the time. The parts of the book where Crampton provides simple, clear comparison graphs is most interesting as it shows that the protagonist is clearly capable of making these decisions that can be taken back to his struggling team.

This book is a perfect resource for not only leadership and management, but also for outside corporate consultants and coaches who are always seeking credible information that can be applied to all types of businesses, from communications to technology. I say get two copies of this book now – one for giving away, the other copy for making notes in the margins!

- Joanne Victoria

Life Coach to Leaders & Entrepreneurs and a Life/Work Harmony Specialist, is the author of seven books, including ‘Vision with a Capital V – Create the Business of Your Dreams’. AskJoanneVictoria.com.

I really enjoy this book so much!!! What a wonderful book for everyone to benefit from. I enjoyed the dynamic of the father learning from the book with his family and seeing his opportunities as a leader to shift the culture he had instilled and wasn’t working. It is great how the book walks through the TIGERS leadership areas and makes it easy to understand and relate to. 

I especially enjoyed the homework reflection areas, making it an ideal resource for teams and growing together by doing a book club. I would recommend everyone read this book and feel confident even the best leaders would be able to see areas to improve, with their own teams.

- Ali Cammelletti

Leadership Coach for Cammelletti Consulting

Becoming tigers

Leading Your Team to Success